How do I begin the buying process?

The buying process is quick and easy to get started.  Simply find a listing that is of interest and ‘inquire’.  Your inquiry will be sent directly to the party selling the tires.

 How do I begin the selling process?

The selling process is quick and easy to get started.  Simply click the ‘post an offer’ tab on the right side of the Search bar and enter the related information into the available fields.  You will have TWO options to post tires:

1). Quick post an offer, OR,

2). Post a more detailed offer.  To do this, click "show detailed form" at the bottom of the Quick Post form.  This will take you to a form where you can provide a more detailed description of your tires.  

Once you have posted your offer it will be available for all users to evaluate and inquire upon.

If you are posting USED tires it is beneficial to offer further details of the tires (ie: condition, operating hours, etc.) in organized spreadsheet form, which can be uploaded in the ‘additional documentation’ field.

 Does earthmoverDIRECT.com offer any ‘Logistics’ support?

Although not our core business, earthmoverDIRECT.com offers users the option to request logistical support.  We understand that logistics are also not your core business so as a result; we are available to help make the process easier. 

We are available to help arrange, carry out, and finalize logistical support, however payment for the shipping must be pre-agreed upon and will be the responsibility of either the Buyer or the Seller.  We will aim to make the process as transparent as possible while adhering to each party’s confidentiality.  Liability will also lie with the Buyer and/or Seller, as earthmoverDIRECT.com will simply help to facilitate the process.

 How can I edit an offer once I have already posted it?

Go to ‘My Account’ and click on the ‘Offers/Purchases’ tab.  You will find a list of all the tires you have posted immediately below.  Browse for the offer you would like to edit and click ‘edit’.  Once complete you will preview your offer and click ‘Save Changes’.  

 What does it mean if I click “I would like to request an Inspection” while inquiring?

By clicking that you would like to ‘Request an Inspection’ you are notifying the Seller that you would either like to physically inspect the tires or carry out a third-party inspection (ex: SGS) prior to purchasing the tires.  Remember that in most cases the Seller will have indicated this in their post details.