For Sellers account representatives are available to provide assistance with any questions, problems, suggestions, or troubleshooting needs you may have.  However if you are simply looking for some guidance, here are some quick tips to help you get the most out of your Selling experience:

   Utilize the ‘Tire Market Analysis’

* To ensure you are making well-informed decisions, offers an on-going analysis of the inventory available on the platform.  This report, organized by tire size, will provide a wealth of information – regional vs. global statistics (pricing and availability) and any associated trends with each.

   Sign up for ‘Tread Alerts’

* Tread Alerts are an efficient way to track the pricing trends of the tire sizes you are selling.  Simply sign up to receive Tread Alerts for your desired sizes (individual or multiple) and you will be sent an automatic notification each time a new offer is posted in that size(s). 

   Post Organized Offers (‘Lots’)

* To keep offers organized and easily identifiable for Buyers - Sellers are asked to post their available tires in similar ‘Lots’.  A ‘Lot’ should be comprised of tires of the same: Size, Brand, Model, Condition, and Compound.  You can elect to ‘Add More Tires’ at the bottom of the 'Post an Offer' page to simultaneously post any additional sizes, brands, models and compounds that you may have available. 


‘Lot 1’ – 24 units of 40.00R57 Michelin XDR B

‘Lot 2’ – 12 units of 46/90R57 Goodyear RM4A+ 2SL

‘Lot 3’ – 6 units of 53/80R63 Bridgestone VRDP E2A

   Post with Detail

* has created the ‘Post an Offer’ section with fields for all of the relevant details a Buyer will be looking for.  Sellers should aim to fill out as many of the informational fields as possible to target the interest of potential Buyers.  Providing clear and detailed pictures of the tires in your post will also prove to be very beneficial.    

   Establish Clear Commercial Terms

* Buyers will be closely analyzing your Payment and Shipping terms. Aim to be as clear as possible in defining each set of terms.  If your terms are negotiable please state that in the ‘additional details’ section so Buyers are aware.  

   Tire Inspections

* has been created to ensure the trustworthiness of a transaction is never questioned.  However there are circumstances when, as a Seller, you may be asked to provide further physical confirmation for a specific set of tires.  The most efficient method in which to carry this out is via a third-party inspection.  As we highly recommend tire inspections, please contact your account representative to learn more about inspection options or to simply gain further inspection advice.  

   Track Your Offers

* You can track all of your posted offers in the ‘My Account’ section.  This organizational feature allows Sellers to quickly reference previous offers and/or transactions and to compare/contrast each.